DOPED: The Dirty Side of Sports


Everyone knows the sorry saga of Lance Armstrong. Former paragon of sport done in by steroids and hubris. But few are familiar with the story of the organization whose rise paralleled Armstrong’s fall from grace: WADA. The World Anti-Doping Agency. A global watchdog with a mandate from the governments of the world: catch the cheaters.  

Who is this watchdog, and is anyone watching it?

DOPED: THE DIRTY SIDE OF SPORTS introduces the public to the men and women tasked with policing steroids in sports. It asks the critical question: do the people who keep sports clean have dirty hands? 

Featuring interviews with a diverse array of sport officials, steroid peddlers, and world-class athletes, DOPED shines a light on a system crippled by hypocrisy and corruption. It tells the stories of the clean athletes who live under the cloud of suspicion formed by scandal upon scandal, honest men and women who forgo their personal privacy for a system that isn’t catching anyone.

DOPED is a wakeup call to a public that desires fair play but doesn’t know who to hold accountable. With a lively narration from Nick Kroll, DOPED explores controversies in America and abroad in a variety of sports, including professional boxing and Olympic Track & Field.

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